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The first set of analyses from the externalizing consortium (“Externalizing 1.0”) were pre-registered and can be found on the Open Science Framework. These results are now published (Karlsson Linnér et al. (2021). Multivariate analysis of 1.5 million people identifies genetic associations with traits related to self-regulation and addiction. Nat. Neurosci. 24, 1367–1376.).

In Externalizing 2.0, we aim to extend our findings from Externalizing 1.0 by:
  • Boosting power to identify genes involved in a shared liability to externalizing in European ancestry populations by including additional cohorts not available in Externalizing 1.0
  • Exploring sex-specific genetic effects on externalizing by conducting sex-stratified analyses in Genomic SEM
  • Conducting multi-ancestry analyses to identify genes involved in externalizing in other ancestry populations using new statistical genetics methods