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Externalizing Consortium Releases New Publication: Parsing Genetically Influenced Risk Pathways

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) identify genetic variants associated with a trait, regardless of how those variants are associated with the outcome. Characterizing whether variants for psychiatric outcomes operate via specific versus general pathways provides more informative measures of genetic risk. In the current analysis, we used multivariate GWAS to tease apart variants associated with problematic … Read More

EXT-23andMe Summary Statistics Now Available

To simplify the sharing process, we reran the analyses from Karlsson Linnér et al. (2021), removing the 23andMe samples. To obtain the EXT-23andMe summary statistics, we applied the EXT1.0 genomic structural equation model to the summary statistics of GWASs on externalizing behaviors and disorders that exclude 23andMe data. The EXT-23andMe model structure, fit, and parameters … Read More